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Thinking of going on exchange? You've come to the right place. Going on exchange is not something that is easily and quickly arranged, but something that needs to be done carefully and takes quite some time. These pages are designed to guide you through the entire process.

In general, a very useful document is the compilation of Student Experiences. In here, many UCR students and alumni that went on exchange have recorded their journeys, tips, and tricks. Whether you're still considering to go or already planning the final stages, make sure to read through it!
The first steps
The first thing to know is that arranging an exchange takes a lot of time and planning. Start early! Talk to your tutor, even if you're not yet sure whether you want to go, and read through these pages to get an idea of what needs to be done.
Do I want to go?
Going on exchange is quite a big decision. If anything, it will be a fantastic experience, seeing new places, making new friends and doing new courses. We have outlined some reasons why you might (not) want to go.
Can I go?
You can only go on exchange in your fourth or fifth semester and you cumulative GPA needs to be 3.00 or higher. You also can't be behind on your courses. Check all requirements.
Where to go?
There are a few places you can go directly through UCR. In addition, there are almost 100 destinations to visit through UU. Browse the list and read student experiences.
Preparing the exchange
You've decided you want to go on exchange and where you want to go. This is everything you need to know to make it formal.
Procedure & deadlines
You need to get approval by UCR before you can apply to UU and your host university. This is everything you need to do.
Your semester abroad will probably be more expensive than a semester at UCR. Take a look at our overview of possible costs and make sure to get your finances straight.
The final details
It's done! You're all set and approved! This is all you need to do before and when you go.
Sublet your room
When going on exchange, you still need to pay the rent for your room in Middelburg. Get your money back by subletting your room to someone who's going on exchange to UCR. Here are all the details.
Transfer your courses
Before you go, UCR has to approve the courses that you are going to take, and when you come back, they have to be properly transferred. Read all about it here.
Special thanks
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For specific questions about forms, transcripts and the like, you can also always contact the Registrar.
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