To go or not to go, that's the question. These are some of the most common considerations. Make sure to also take a look at all the student experiences, to get a better idea of why you might want to go!

Why would you go on exchange? Here are some reasons.
Valuable Experience
It is a valuable experience that will broaden your horizon. You can make friends all over the world and experience a completely different culture than the one you are used to. It also gives you the opportunity to travel around the destination of your exchange.
New Courses
Going on exchange can be a nice way to take courses that are not offered at UCR. UCR is relatively small, so not every course that you would like to take will be offered here. Going on exchange will provide you with an opportunity to take different courses. Be sure to check out the website of the universities that you are interested in – they should all have an overview of their course offerings.
Language Skills
Besides living in a different culture, it might also be a chance to improve your language skills.
An exchange is a valuable addition to your resume. An exchange semester may increase your chances of getting into your desired Master's programme and of getting a job. Universities, companies and other organisations appreciate people with more life experience and who try to expand their horizon.

However, going on exchange does not only have advantages. You need to consider the drawbacks and take them into account when making your decision.
More Expensive
An exchange semester is probably going to be more expensive than a semester at UCR. The amount differs per exchange location. In some cases, it is possible to spend the same amount of money, when a lower cost of living balances out the travel costs, but generally speaking, a semester abroad is more expensive.
One Semester Less at UCR
You get to spend one semester less at UCR. Even though your exchange location will probably offer loads of interesting courses, you might not be able to take that one course at UCR, and it might be harder to join the board of a society, as those are often elected for a whole year.
Going on exchange might bring stress in terms of paperwork. This can be a lot of work and is quite a responsibility.
It's a risk
In terms of academics, something could go wrong. In extreme cases, this may result in 'losing' a semester and having to spend an extra semester at UCR to make up for lost credits.
Still not sure? Feel free to send an email to the AAC! We can meet with you to talk through your options, or bring you in contact with someone who has been on exchange.