During your stay abroad, it is advised to sublet your room to a student who goes on exchange to UCR. It saves you your rent over the time you are away. The students that come in from a university that UCR has an exchange deal with simply swap rooms with UCR students going there.
General info
If you are going to another university, you can sign up for sublet by handing in the sublet application form to the HAC. Then the current Sublet Officer will take care of it.

This year's sublet officer is HAC treasurer Lianne van der Looij. If you have any questions regarding, you can contact her on She has an oversight of who wants to sublet their room through the Sublet Office in the form of a waiting list. It works on a first-come, first-serve basis so be early with your request! Unfortunately, we can never guarantee that you'll be able to sublet your room. However, the Sublet Office always has to be involved in any kind of sublet procedure for the purpose of keeping oversight.
Students that take part in the UCR exchange programs with the University of Nebraska at Kearney (UNK) are required to sublet their room, because an equal number of students that will go to UNK will visit UCR. They still have to follow the procedure of subletting your room by making a request to ensure a rental agreement is made between the UCR student and the UNK student.
Detailed procedure
This is a step-by-step overview of how the sublet procedure works. Thanks to the Sublet Office for writing it!
A student applies by sending the Sublet Application Form, which can be requested from the Sublet Officer, or retrieved from the RASA website.

As soon as the Sublet Office receives a list with incoming exchange students from Jeanette Gels, it asks everyone who applied for subletting whether they are still going on exchange.

The Office assigns the incoming cohort of students to rooms based on first-come, first-serve and informs the tenants of those rooms to make an inventory list of their rooms.

The Office puts the incoming student and the tenant in touch so that they can arrange the key exchange, set the rent and discuss what furniture will be included with the room.

The Office designs a sublet contract for every sublet and has it completed and signed by the tenant of the room. The tenant of the room can decide to hand over the keys to the Sublet Office or to the prospective exchange student. Take into account that the Sublet Officer will not necessarily be in Middelburg during the winter and summer breaks.

In the case that the tenant has handed over the key to the Sublet Office, the Office hands over the keys as soon as the exchange student visiting UCR has arrived.

When the incoming student leaves, they give the keys of the room back to the Office or Student Desk (if not directly to the tenant), who will later give them back to the initial tenants.

The Sublet Officer cannot be held responsible or liable for any loss or damages that may occur to the subletted room. The tenant and subletter are still responsible themselves for ensuring the key handover is arranged.

If there is any damage to the room, and the subletter wishes to subtract money from the deposit amount, they should do this via the Sublet Officer.