There are many possible destinations and it is up to you to decide where to go. The destinations can be divided in two groups: UCR programs and UU programs. Be aware that each group has a different registration process!

Looking for more info about the programs? The Student Experiences document contains the personal experiences of many UCR students and alumni, so be sure to give it a read.
UCR programs
Choosing a UCR program instead of a UU program has one clear benefit: you only have to get UCR approval, so there is a lot less paperwork and competition. There are a few programs that are exclusive to UCR students.
UU programs
Because UCR is part of Utrecht University, UU exchange programs are open to UCR students. At the moment, UU has almost 100 partner universities, ranging from Singapore to Italy, from the United States to South Africa. An overview can be found on the UU website. Do note that on the website only the so-called 'university-wide destinations' are open to UCR students. The UU website contains all the practical information you need per program, useful links, and student experiences.

Via UU you can also study at 14 more universities in the USA that do not have a direct partnership with UU. These universities participate in the so-called MAUI programme and the destinations vary yearly. An overview of the universities that participate in the MAUI programme can also be found on the UU website.
Other programs
It is not recommended to attend a university that is not part of the UCR or the UU programs. You will be fully responsible for getting enough credits and you also have to pay extra tuition fees at both UCR and the host university. UCR does not recommend this kind of exchange programme, because it very likely will cost extra money and there is additional paperwork involved. However, if you really would like to go on exchange to a university that is not part of the UCR and UU programs, you can contact Jeanette Gels to inquire about this procedure.