The Council co-governs UCR and has the right of Advice and the right of Approval on certain policies. For example, the Council has the right of Approval on UCR's annual budget. The Council acts in the interest of all students, faculty, and staff. The Executive Board and the Council meet (approximately) five times per academic year, these meetings are open to the public. The pre-meetings that are held beforehand are closed to the public.
In these meetings with the Executive Board, the Council discusses UCR's policy development regarding the educational program and its support structures, research, finances, human resources, facilities, and communication and recruitment.

The Council has six members. Three of these members are student representatives and the other three members are employee representatives. These three employee representatives also form the UCR Employee Council together. The current council members are as follows:

Chair: Saswot Shankar Shrestha (Student)
Vice Chair: Jason Dinse (Personnel)
Council Members: Renata van der Weijden (Personnel)
Council Members: Susan Groenleer (Personnel)
Council Members: Rebecca Eisenbart (Student)
Council Member: Anbie Lee (Student)

The Council's agendas and year planning can be viewed on the Moodle page of the Council. The minutes can also be found there.
You can contact the council via this e-mail address: ucrcouncilstudentrepresentative@ucr.nl

Original source: www.ucr.nl/about-ucr/governance/council/

UCR Council Student Representatives (2023-2024)